Driveway Gates & Your Homes Security 


25 Jan Driveway Gates & Your Homes Security 

Driveway Gates – looking after the security of your home

When moving into a new property one of the main issues that many homeowners come across is the security of the property. When it comes to home security, one of the steps that is often taken is the installation of a driveway gate. So how effective exactly is a driveway gate?

To put it into a simple answer, a driveway gate is an extremely effective way to improve home security. It works through the physical extra layer of protection it gives your home and prevents potential thieves from having more visual access to your property. If there was a security threat to your home, the installation of a driveway gate means that any intruder would have to climb over, or break past the gate, both factors that would increase the risk of them getting caught.

The deterrence of a driveway gate

Like mentioned above, these gates prevent thieves as they cannot see as much of the property as they would a normal driveway. This means you could have cameras or other security precautions in place that they are unaware of behind. This factor often deters the thieves from even attempting a break in as the risk factor is ‘too high’.

For those that feel like this is not enough security, driveway gates can be fitted with locking systems, alarms and even CCTV cameras. This means that if a thief still feels as though the gate is not enough to stop them, you will have evidence to show authorities if the worst was to happen. These CCTV and alarm systems can come with warning signs to place on the gate itself, making those aware of the systems you have chosen to install can be an even bigger deterrent.

Other benefits of a driveway gate include

  • Adds an extra sense of privacy to your home
  • Can increase the property value
  • Can make your home look more ‘complete’
  • Can keep pets safe within garden areas

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