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15 May Farm Fencing

Choosing the right farm fencing Picking the right Fram fencing can be a difficult choice, and it is vitally important in keeping your farm safe from any trespassing that could take place. There are many companies and styles of fencing that can be advised to keep...

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08 Apr Security fencing for your home

Why you should have security fencing Your own home safety is one of the most important factors when planning the development or maintaining your home. It is important to ensure your home has the correct measures put in place to have complete safety and prevent any...

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24 Mar Livestock Fencing Options

Choosing the correct livestock fencing barrier Different livestock barriers come with different benefits however choosing the correct barrier can be difficult. There are many things to consider when choosing livestock barriers such as which livestock is being kept behind the barrier and what weather conditions the...

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08 Feb Different types of wooden gates

Why is it best to have a wooden gate? The combinations of hedges, fences and wooden gates can add security and privacy to your property however it is important that there are multiple exits and entrances around the property for security reasons and ease of access....

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04 Nov Garden Fencing Types

Types of garden fencing After working so hard to create your dream garden, it can be difficult to decide which fencing to use. With so many options, it can be a struggle to know which one will work best for you. Of course with all fencing,...

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05 Oct Preparing your fence for the winter

Prepare your fence for the winter weather Winter is soon approaching, and as much as cold cozy nights sounds brilliant to the majority of us, our fencing can suffer for the worse. With the right preparation our fencing can survive multiple winters and save you money...

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10 Sep Preparing your fence for winter

Preparing your fence for the winter weather Preparing your fencing for winter is a job that can be rather time consuming and quite expensive if left too late! As we approach autumn, now is the best time to take action. There are a few steps to...

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16 Aug Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden Fencing Ideas Finding the right style of fencing can be a difficult choice to make. Making sure it matches your garden aesthetics whilst staying practical is something that can prove to be a struggle. However there are a few options for you to explore to...

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16 Jul Painting Your Fence

The benefits of painting your fence Painting your fence can be something very beneficial to not only the way your garden looks, but to the fence life itself. Here are some tips and advantages of why it may be a good investment to paint your fence. Fencing...

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