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10 Sep Preparing your fence for winter

Preparing your fence for the winter weather Preparing your fencing for winter is a job that can be rather time consuming and quite expensive if left too late! As we approach autumn, now is the best time to take action. There are a few steps to...

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16 Aug Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden Fencing Ideas Finding the right style of fencing can be a difficult choice to make. Making sure it matches your garden aesthetics whilst staying practical is something that can prove to be a struggle. However there are a few options for you to explore to...

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16 Jul Painting Your Fence

The benefits of painting your fence Painting your fence can be something very beneficial to not only the way your garden looks, but to the fence life itself. Here are some tips and advantages of why it may be a good investment to paint your fence. Fencing...

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13 Jun Fencing Legal Limits

Legal limits for fencing Although a seemingly simple task, setting up garden fencing may or may not need planning permission. Whether this is the case or not depends on certain factors, you will need planning if; Your fence is over 1 metre and will be next...

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16 May Quality garden fencing

Quality garden fencing in the North East Here in the UK, we don’t have the best of luck when it comes to weather. Unpredictable may be the only word that is fitting (especially in the winter). This weather is not always ideal for our fencing, which...

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13 Apr Metal or Wooden Gates

Which is best, Metal or Wooden Gates? A gate is a great feature to add to your property. They give us privacy and security but can also help you to customise your home and add your own aesthetics to it. However it may be difficult to...

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18 Feb Poor weather conditions and fencing

How poor weather conditions can effect your fencing Although it may go unnoticed for a long period of time, rain can have a significant effect on your fencing. Even fences that are designed to stand strong through harsh weather conditions can struggle to cope with the...

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25 Jan Donated Mud Kitchens

Donated Mud Kitchens etc to Ravensworth Terrace Primary School in conjunction with Karbon Homes. Working in conjunction with Karbon Homes. Jimmy Charleton manufactured and donated mud kitchens, seats and other various items to Ravensworth Terrace, Primary School, Birtley. Helping with social values in the community. [gallery size="full"...

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14 Dec Direct Timber Supplies

Timber Supplies Direct To Your Door Timber is one of the most multi purposeful woods that there is to offer. It comes in the three forms of hardwood, softwood and reconstructed, all three of which have different uses.  Although both the hard and softwood are durable,...

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