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16 May Quality garden fencing

Quality garden fencing in the North East

Here in the UK, we don’t have the best of luck when it comes to weather. Unpredictable may be the only word that is fitting (especially in the winter). This weather is not always ideal for our fencing, which makes quality so important, so that our fences can last all year through the UK’s ever changing climates.

Strong garden fencing

One of the most common problems faced due to the weather is wind. As many may have experience in the past, sometimes the fence cannot cope with the high speed wind and shall end up toppling over. So how can you prevent your fence from falling into your garden? A good base of support can often be the trick.

Keeping the fence cemented strongly into the floor with a good mixture prevents any damage from occurring in harsh weather conditions as the fence is unable to move from it’s foxed position in the floor. Just make sure when constructing the fence it is in the ground to a deep enough level so that it is secured and not moving anywhere! Letting the cement set properly is also vital and if possible should be done in dry conditions for the best results possible.

Good quality timber.

Although a good base of support does help your fencing. Your fence may not be toppling over, it may be snapping in half. This can be a result of cheap timber that easily splits, especially when the weather becomes a lotto bit too intense. Heavier timbers often are more table and resistant to wind also. When selecting the timber you would like to use, looking past the aesthetics and it their practical uses ensures that your fencing shall stay standing tall and proud, no matter the weather.

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