Painting Your Fence


16 Jul Painting Your Fence

The benefits of painting your fence

Painting your fence can be something very beneficial to not only the way your garden looks, but to the fence life itself. Here are some tips and advantages of why it may be a good investment to paint your fence.

Fencing aesthetics

The reason that so many chose to paint their fences is simply down to they like the way it looks. Adding paint can make your garden look that little bit more impressive. It allows you to fully personalise how your garden looks and make it unique to you. A tip for those who want their garden to look brighter is to include white or a light grey paint.

When is the best time to paint your fence?

Painting your fence may be an annual routine you have always had, or perhaps you paint it when you see it needs a top up. For the best results, we advise that painting should occur in the summer months, especially on hot days. Not only does this make the labour of painting the actual fence much more enjoyable, the heat allows the paint to try very fast. This means that even if it rains after painting, there has been times to allow the paint to set. If your fence cannot wait until summer months, we advise checking the wether forecast for the 24 hours after you paint in order to avoid rain.

Protecting the timber beneath

Over time you fencing can begin to duffer from the UK’s unpredictable weather habits. Painting your fence acts as a barrier between the wood. The type of paint you chose may effect how effective that this is, however any paint is better than none and can protect against mould.

Will any paint work?

When painting a fence we always advise to use wood paint, this of course can be in any shade or colour you would like. Paint made specifically for wood often stops the fence from drying out, and is very durable. Before paint work begins, we also advise that a primer can be applied. This helps the timber to last longer overall and reduce the cost in the longer term.

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