Decking making the most of your outdoor space


28 Mar Decking making the most of your outdoor space

Quality decking installations and designs 

Decking installations are available for almost any outdoor space.

With huge range of choices available, we are on hand to design and install decking of any size or configuration. With any redesign of an outdoor area, the range of what is possible can be often limited by the space you have available. Decking can often however, overcome this challenge in outdoor areas as the product can be designed and installed in a huge variety of configurations.


Decking ideas for small gardens

Most of us are familiar with standard square or rectangular installations that graces many outdoor spaces. This is a practical, spacious and attractive option and quite easy to see why this particular design is so popular.  If you have a small outdoor space or cannot see the standard choice suiting your garden, the good news is it can be easily designed to suit your space.  We can create beautiful raised decking areas, Al Fresco dining areas, staircases and benches that fully integrates with your current space the ideas and choices are endless. 

Bespoke designs

The soft tones and natural look of decking can be an attractive proposition for any outdoor space. If you have a garden that is already full of perennial flowers, trees and shrubs why not integrate decking around them? This can create a beautiful centre piece for your outdoor area which is also practical to relax in.  We can create designs that leave gaps for tree to grow and offer natural shade. Other designs can include a raised platform with a step up and railing, which can be complemented with potted plants and trellis, transforming even the smallest outdoor space.

The other side of decking design is if you have a larger outdoor space.  This brings into play other questions such as how much of the space is required to be decked? This is a very good problem to have, again many design choices are available, more than one decking area could be a great idea, an area to eat and entertain in and another area for you to simply relax in.

At Charleton Fencing we have team a fully qualified and experienced design and installation team. Through our years in the industry we have helped our customers make the most of their outdoor space, we have a good eye for detail and many years experience in the industry.

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