Donated Mud Kitchens


25 Jan Donated Mud Kitchens

Donated Mud Kitchens etc to Ravensworth Terrace Primary School in conjunction with Karbon Homes.

Working in conjunction with Karbon Homes. Jimmy Charleton manufactured and donated mud kitchens, seats and other various items to Ravensworth Terrace, Primary School, Birtley. Helping with social values in the community.

Educating Children with Mud Kitchens

Mud kitchens are an outdoor education facility that allow children to play and develop key skills. Mud kitchens help children to engage with the outside world in an era where technology thrives. In order to get children away from the screen mud kitchens provides an opportunity to play and develop social skills whilst having the most fun they can!

Why Children love to play with Mud Kitchens

Children love to play in everything that makes a mess, mud comes at no exception. Mud kitchens allow children to engage in nature and all of its mess with accessories that allow them to make some maybe not so delicious mud pies, and wherever their creativity may inspire them to make. Although the children may feel as though they are not doing much exercise, they are constantly moving around to collect and play with the mud, encouraging activity in their day to day life.

Using Mud Kitchens to educate

In some places they may even be used to help educate children on topics such as maths, science and speaking skills as teachers can lead fun and interactive lessons with the mud kitchen (also developing a love for school, therefore academic rewards may increase). However they often find themselves in the playground used in ‘free time’ this allows children to bring an imaginative play element to the facility, developing creativity hugely.

Although playing with mud sounds like a parents worst nightmare, there has been research that shows playing in this environment develops healthy immune systems to keep your little ones as healthy as possible. It also encourages leadership skills, positive mindsets and even good cognitive function. All of which leads to your child being very happy and much more enthusiastic to ditch the screen for fresh air.

If you would like to purchase a mud kitchen please contact us for further details.

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