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14 Dec Direct Timber Supplies

Timber Supplies Direct To Your Door

Timber is one of the most multi purposeful woods that there is to offer. It comes in the three forms of hardwood, softwood and reconstructed, all three of which have different uses.  Although both the hard and softwood are durable, hardwood is known to be excessively more durable than the softer, therefor making it the more expensive of the two. Reconstructed timer is sort of a recycling process where already used timber is used again on another project, this is great for the environment and works efficiently for building purposes.

Fence construction using timber

Timber can be installed to help create long lasting fencing through treatments to the wood that increase their water resistance and outdoor sustainability. Their strength creates a perfect option to create fence supports and panels, making them ideal for animal holding areas where strain or pressure may be put onto them. In order to keep your fence looking new and to prevent any weathering/age damage, oils and treatments can be regularly coated. This prevents the need for replacements and enhances the performance of the timber for longer periods of time (as well as saving you money).

Decking installations using timber

For the installation of decking in your garden, it seems to be most advised to use softwood or reconstructed. Using this timber outdoors requires very small amounts of maintenance and can be cited to create an extra sustainable finish, keeping your decking looking amazing all year round.

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