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06 Nov Tree Removal in Sunderland

Are you  looking for Tree Removal in Sunderland for  Trees, Shrubs or Hedges ?

Tree removal in Sunderland. We are part of  Charleton Fencing and specialise in the removal of  your tree, shrubs and hedges. Not only do we remove any of your trees we also take them away for you to be recycled.

We pride ourselves in putting something back in to the environment by recycling every tree and hedges to create wood chips to sell to the public and produce Biomass.

At Charleton Chips we take the trees away as well, so you have no need to worry about having to dispose of the tree or hedge once it has been removed.

Charleton Fencing have built up a great reputation over the years in both Sunderland and Durham. We are based just outside of Sunderland in Chester le Street but have served the people of Sunderland for many years with our Fencing and Gate services.

If you are considering having a fence put up or perhaps a new gate for your garden and you have a tree or hedge  that is in the way. Our two services work together so we can remove any unwanted trees or hedges while we are errecting your new gate or fence. Just let us know prior to our appointment or at our on site visit and this can be arranged for you.

You can read what our customers have to say about our services on our Testimonials page 

To find out more about our Fencing or Gates services just click on either of the links.

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