Metal or Wooden Gates


13 Apr Metal or Wooden Gates

Which is best, Metal or Wooden Gates?

A gate is a great feature to add to your property. They give us privacy and security but can also help you to customise your home and add your own aesthetics to it. However it may be difficult to decide if a wooden or a metal fence is best for you. Both fences offer their advantages, however you may be able to decide which one is for you after reading each ones pros and cons.

Wooden gates pros:

– Affordable. Wooden fences are often inexpensive in comparison to their meal competitors. They make them a very affordable option and ideal if on a budget hat despite the price can still be adapted to create whatever look you desire.
– Traditional. If you love the traditional style, wooden facing may be perfect for you. It brings a sense of homeliness and warmth to your garden. Not only this wooden fences suit most houses that they are fitted with as they are so easy to wait and adapt to create the look you desire.
– Very private and secure. The gates are often formed using wooden panels that can be opted to be directly next to each other. This gives a very private and secure feel to your property. They also can be made to any height if you desire a more private look to keep your home feeling very safe.

Wooden gate cons:

– Maintenance needed. A wooden garden fence can be prone to rotting and mould due to the natural material it is made from, which can cause deterioration and holes. This can be avoided by regular treatments and maintenance if you feel as though the fence is losing its condition.
– Installation may need professionals. Wooden fences are advised to be installed by professionals. This is because without correct installation the fence may be weaker than desired removing the safety pros that come alongside it. Along with the risk that the timber may split over time.

Metal gates pros:

– High security. A metal gate is the best option if security is your main priority. It is a strong material that can be ideal for keeping in pets that enjoy trying to escape. It is easy to attach to a rock on gats which increases security even further.
– Flexible aesthetics. Metal gates can be designed to fit a wide variety of houses. they can be designed with patterns and in multiple colours to match any themes you want to upkeep.
– Low maintenance facing. Metal fences are extremely long lasting in contrast to wooden fencing. It is very god if living in extreme weather conditions, such as extreme wind as it is less likely to fall than wooden fencing.

Metal gates cons:

– Very weighted. Metal gates are considerably heavy, this means that they need to have a sturdy surface to be securely attached to. If you don’t have these however, a base can be attached in construction.
– Less privacy. Metal fencing is usually see-through due to the bars that are typically installed, so if privacy is not your priority, metal fencing may be for you.

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