Livestock Fencing Options

24 Mar Livestock Fencing Options

Choosing the correct livestock fencing barrier

Different livestock barriers come with different benefits however choosing the correct barrier can be difficult. There are many things to consider when choosing livestock barriers such as which livestock is being kept behind the barrier and what weather conditions the barriers will be facing. Livestock barriers hold animals such as horses, cows, sheep, pigs and other farmland animals therefore livestock barriers have to be strong and durable. Another area to consider when looking to acquire livestock fencing is the likelihood of the animals escaping. Depending on the livestock which is being held determines the height of the border required due to the natural urge of the animal wanting to leap over the fence. Lethal predators will also be willing to enter the bordered off land therefore a strong and safe structure should be acquired to keep everything safe.

Stockade Fencing barriers for livestock fencing

Stockade fences aren’t very difficult to install. They also increase the worth of your enterprise and residence. Once established, it is easy to preserve a stockade fence. It follows ordinances and regulation guidelines well. Stockade fences are most beneficial for animals such as turkeys, hogs and chickens along with other small animals which may be in your farmland. Stockade fences used to be cedar however cedar isn’t used anymore due to restrictions on reaping aged cedar trees.

Livestock-friendly wire fencing

Wire fencing is a common type of livestock fencing which is commonly used to keep any trespassers out. Wire fencing is typically used for equines, cows, llamas and larger livestock that may be found in your farmland. Wired fencing is safe for all animals enclosed within the barrier if the fencing is installed correctly.

Wooden rail livestock fencing

Wooden rail fencing is typically for larger animals that are more aesthetically pleasing. This type of fencing has been used for centuries to keep livestock enclosed. It is a common favourite for livestock owners and farmers due to its properties. The wooden rail fencing encloses animals such as equines, lambs, cattle and other large farmland animals.

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