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13 Jun Garden Gates for your property

Choosing new Garden Gates for your property

Choosing new garden gates for your property.

Types of wooden gates

There are many different ways in which you can keep your outside living space private. A few examples of this would be fences, hedges or walls. These will add security to your property however it is crucial to have multiple entrances and exits to your living space. These entrances and exits must be well protected. A wooden gate plays an important part in keeping the living area looking fresh. A wooden gate also provides security and privacy.

Which type of wooden gate is best

Every property in the world has its unique design. Different types of gates are used to provide safety however there are many different types to do so. The type of gate is heavily influenced by the location of where the gate will be installed. The most common location where a gate might be installed is

  • Driveways
  • Front Gardens
  • Side entrances

Front gardens

A wooden gate at the front of your property can provide a welcoming tone. It gives the first idea of what to expect inside however it also plays some other roles. Unless you are situated within a high crime rate area, a lightweight option of around 3-4ft high is sufficient. For the most aesthetically pleasing appearance, the gate should be the same height as the surrounding boundary. This is where the security of the boundary lies as trespassers may find it hard to overcome.


Driveway entrances are the largest forms of the entrance to your property. This means that a suitable gate should be installed. With the gate being a large size, The radius in which the gate swings out needs to be considered along with the locking system and other security systems that need to be looked into. There are different ways for the gates to open which can be chosen depending on the space where the vehicle will fit.

Side Entrances

The side entrance of your property is one of the most vulnerable entrances of your property therefore the gate design needs to be more reliable for security. People usually require taller gates for the side entrance of their properties. With this entrance being vulnerable, heavy-duty gates are usually required.

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