Different types of wooden gates


08 Feb Different types of wooden gates

Why is it best to have a wooden gate?

The combinations of hedges, fences and wooden gates can add security and privacy to your property however it is important that there are multiple exits and entrances around the property for security reasons and ease of access. Different types of wooden gates are used depending on where they are installed which can change across a variety of properties. The most common locations for the installations to occur are front gardens, driveways and side entrances to gardens.

Front Garden Wooden Gates

This type of gate will be located at the front of your property and sets out the parameters of your garden. It can be seen as the first impression to your property therefore it must be installed correctly and have a clean finish. A simple wooden gate around 3-4 ft high is effective in most areas other than higher crime rate areas where more parameters need to be put in place. Most wooden gates which are used are very lightweight and easily installed. The best front wooden gates are adjacent to the fencing, walls or hedges which you have on your property.

Driveway entrances

Driveway entrances are the biggest gates on the property which means there needs to be careful consideration when identifying which type of gate is ready for you. With the gate being a large size, The radius which the gate swings out needs to be considered along with the locking system and other security systems that need to be looked into. There are different ways for the gates to open which can be chosen depending on the space where the vehicle will fit.

Side Entrances

The side entrance of your property is one of the most vulnerable entrances of your property therefore the gate design needs to be more reliable for security. People usually require taller gates for the side entrance of their properties. With this entrance being vulnerable, heavy-duty gates are usually required.

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