Why you should have security fencing for your business?


05 Mar Why you should have security fencing for your business?

Why security fencing

At Charleton Fencing we have almost 50 years experience providing Fencing, Gates and Timber services in the north east of England. We have managed this and grown as a business over these years by listening to our customer needs and providing our expertise were needed on all facets of fencing, gates and materials. A key consideration for commercial and domestic customers is the design and quality of security gates and fencing they have installed. From a basic standpoint a safe secure home or business starts with external security. 


The benefits of security fencing

Security fencing can work on many levels to keep trespassers out of your premises. Security fencing can keep your premises safe from vandalism, theft and trespassers. Initially the fencing design and the actual physicality of the fencing plays a huge part in keeping your premises secure. Operating on the basis of stopping individuals by making it very difficult for them to break in and gain access simply by the robust and security focused design of the fence. Another element is the psychological deterrent and the message it sends across. If a business or home owner has invested in robust external security such as security fencing there is a very good chance they also have installed internal security systems. This could be enough in itself to make them think twice.

Questions to ask and the service we offer

Do you think your home or business has adequate external fencing? Your first consideration is what is the required level of security you need? As with installations or modifications of any kind the first step is adequate planning. without this crucial step it is easy for projects to come in over budget and  designed in a way that does not meet your needs. At Charleton Fencing we pride ourselves on the work we do and the first and last step of this is providing an excellent level of customer service. We are happy to help with any planning needs you may have.  Our staff are experts in what they do and we can provide you with help and advise on the security fencing we would choose for any project you have.

With almost 50 years industry experience Charleton Fencing are here to support you in all of you fencing and gate requirements. We offer our customers a level of service that we feel is one of the best around. From initial planning all the way through to completion we take absolute pride in what we do. It is how we have stayed in business for all these years. Simply but we are passionate about the work we do. If you are interested in security fencing but are not sure of the next step to take then why not contact us via phone, email.  Alternately we have a website contact form that can be completed via our Contact Us page.

Finally to find out more information regarding our security fencing see our dedicated page 

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