Residential Fencing Heights


05 Sep Residential Fencing Heights

Heights for residential fencing installations

As the summer months are coming to a close, you may be wanting to squeeze in one last weekend of warm garden work before cold autumn days begin to set in. Residential garden fencing can vary anywhere from 3ft-8ft depending on your personal preference. With residential fencing, there are little restrictions that limit the design of your fencing, so the way it looks depends on personal aesthetic and also its purpose.

The purpose of your fence

If you are looking for a fence that keeps out street animals, a medium height fence can be ideal. If you live in a space you want to keep open to chat to the neighbours or enjoy your view from your garden space, low fencing may be the right choice for you. Or perhaps you want complete privacy in your garden space, in which case, a high fence up to 8ft keeps all eyes out.

Fencing for security reasons

If security is your main priority, high fencing is definitely the best choice. This stops any passerby looking into your private space and also naturally deters thieves as they view it is a higher security property. If you are particularly worried about the safety of the property, installing tall fencing around the whole premises gives a new sense of security that puts your mind at ease. Tall fences can be ideal for those that own large dog breeds that can easily jump over even medium height fencing, and can also keep them from being distracted from passersby if especially reactive.

Height restrictions

Although a lot of residential areas have no limit on fencing height, there are some zones that are protected with a maximum fencing height. Ensure this is checked with your local council before installation to ensure no money or time is wasted by a restriction.

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