Replacing your damaged fence


11 Oct Replacing your damaged fence

Now the winter has arrived it is time to replace your damaged fence

A damaged fence needs to be taken care of in order for it to last. Even with the smallest of repairs, it is best to have them fixed straight away, leaving the repairs especially during poor weather conditions they can end up costing a lot more. Once the wood on the damaged fence starts to rot it can end up unworkable and in need of replacing.

A fence is a very important part of your property and helps with protecting the boundary of your property and perimeter. Good fencing can also add to the overall look of your property.


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Loose panels or fence posts

If you have a fence post which has become unstable. Depending on the circumstances in most cases this can be repaired. Loose panels can be a nightmare when it comes to the winter weather. If the wood is in good condition we may be able to fix the fence. This obviously depends on the circumstances. In some instances where a number of fence posts are broken, it may be more cost effective to replace the fence.

Poor weather and a damaged fence

As the winter weather approaches, winds, rain, and snow can all affect your fence and posts. The sooner your damaged fence repairs are carried out the more chance you have of saving it.

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