Protecting your fence from the winter weather

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01 Nov Protecting your fence from the winter weather

How to prevent damage to your fence from the winter weather

As the weather is starting to change it is important to make sure your fence is secure for the potential weather conditions ahead.

Fencing repairs

Checking your fence for  loose boards or posts is important prior to the winter weather. Ensuring your fence is secure and repaired or replaced is necessary before the winter to avoid further damage.

Removing hazardous or weak branches

Over grown trees and loose or overhanging branches in your garden, especially those close to fencing can cause damage to your fence therefore it is important to remove these potential hazards.

In addition, large quantities of debris in and around the fencing can prove to be detrimental it can cause the fencing to often become rotten if the timber is untreated.  Wood is susceptible to rot and insect attack therefore we would advise the regular cleaning of the fence to help protect it.  Other preservatives only treats the outer surface; these need to be repeated frequently and cannot reach awkward parts of the fence and the timber underground.

Loose or heavy furniture and objects in the garden

Strong winds can force even very large and heavy objects fly into your fence, this can cause irreparable damage. Therefore it  is essential to remove objects which can easily get picked up by strong winds and put them in an enclosed area perhaps a garage or shed over the winter period.

Garden gates and security

The Security of your property is important even more so during the dark winter nights. Before purchasing a new gate think about its day to day purpose.

Ideally choosing gates with diagonal and horizontal braces for support on the rear of the gate is something to consider. Premium pales that are thicker and heavier can help increase the strength of the gate this can prove helpful during a storm. Gates which are framed for extra strength will also help endure heavy wear.

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