Protecting your fence from winter weather


20 Mar Protecting your fence from winter weather

Protecting your fence from the winter weather

With the cold temperatures across the UK at the minute, now is the perfect time to check if your fence can withstand the freezing climate. So what factors should you be taking into consideration when preparing your fence for the winter months?

Installation of the fence.

For those that are looking into purchasing a new fence for the winter period, the installation is a key factor. If your fence has been installed and secured correctly then it should most likely be able to hold up against the snow and icy weather. Of course if you are a do it yourself person, fence installation can be done at home, just ensure that it is fitted correctly to your garden. If you’re having any trouble don’t hesitate in hiring a fence installer or ask friends and family that may be able to help out. Correct installation increases the lifespan of a fence significantly.

Non-rusting metals.

Although your fence may not be made from metal, some of the components that help hold it together may be. Ensure that any screws and nails are made from stainless steel to avoid rust. If your nails do begin to rust it can allow panels to snap much easier and posts to come apart.  Not only this but rusting metals leave a brown oxidised mark on the nail which can ruin the fence aesthetics.

Good quality fence posts.

Good quality fence posts are very important in maintaining a strong frame. Bad quality timber often leads to leaning fences and more frequent damage. Poor timber can rot at the ground level with weathering and once this has happened it becomes harder to complete repairs, meaning more expensive replacements are usually needed.

Choose the correct fencing for you.

Everyone has different surroundings, and ensuring that you choose a fence most appropriate for your environment is so important in maintaining it. If you live in an area that has high wind speeds, opting for options that give better wind resistance ensures that your fence stays in its best conditions in its climate.

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