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01 May Privacy with security

Privacy with security for your fencing

When choosing a new fence to install, whether it be in a home, business or public space, security and privacy are usually two of the main things that are looked for.

Why is privacy so important?

One of the main reasons that privacy is so important is to reduce the risk of crime. Although a secure fence helps to reduce the risk when an attack is happening, the increase in privacy deters criminals from having an interest in the property. Keeping assets and valuables out of sight means that those looking passing by do not see the site as a target, deterring crime at its earliest stages. In educational facilities, privacy is a huge priority as it keeps the safeguarding of the children at the highest level.

However privacy does not just link to safety, it can also help peace of mind. For fences that are in sporting training grounds, it can ensure that teams can train without oppositions watching. Sporting facilities at a higher league level with more supporters may opt for fencing with high privacy to keep fans separated as well, reducing the fights through segregation.

So what kind of fencing options do I have?

  • Timber fencing. Most commonly seen in residential homes, timber fence panels can offer a good sense of security especially when they are placed parallel with no gaps.
  • Privacy mesh fencing. This involves the combination of steel and timber to increase the strength of the timber panels whilst still providing maximum privacy.
  • Acoustic barrier fencing. Combining steel, mesh and timber, these fences work well in providing a clean aesthetic that cannot be climbed with high security.
  • Any fencing in combination with a hedgerow. This option can be great if you love your green space and privacy. However, they can take a long time to grow into the exact style wanted and privacy levels can differ at alternate points in the year.

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