Preparing your fence for the winter


05 Oct Preparing your fence for the winter

Prepare your fence for the winter weather

Winter is soon approaching, and as much as cold cozy nights sounds brilliant to the majority of us, our fencing can suffer for the worse. With the right preparation our fencing can survive multiple winters and save you money in the long term by avoiding a replacement. Keeping your fencing healthy in the winter is easier than initially thought, here are a few tips to get you started.

Find the weak areas

Your fencing shall not be in the same condition in all areas. Start at one end of the fence and walk to the other, looking from the base to the top as you stroll. Some areas may have rot, mould or decay. Locating these areas allows you to replace individuals panels. If the majority of the fence looks this way, a replacement may be needed.

Remove leaves and debris

When checking your fence, removing any debris from the base removes any trapped moisture that could cause timber to decay much faster than it would in regular conditions. it also allows you to check if the base is securely fitted into the floor.

Make it water resistant

Although it is a task that can be time consuming, it still cane be quicker than a full new installation! Making your fence waterproof by coating it in wood oils helps to prevent the snow and rain from creating damage. This process should be repeated every few years or whenever deemed necessary. The more care you give your fence the longer it shall last.

Secure the base posts

Fence posts can be a part of your fencing that takes a huge hit in winter. As wind speed rises especially, these areas of the fence are likely to collapse. In order to avoid this, keep posts at a minimum of three feet deep. If you see any sign of the fence beginning to lean, add support panels and fox the base properly to avoid a huge amount of damage.

Check for tree branches

Not only is it important we check the base beneath our fence, the tress above can have just as much of an impact. If any branches have the potential to fall onto your fencing we advise that they are removed or secured so that they cannot do so. Especially from a height, branches like this can cause a full replacement.

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