Poor weather conditions and fencing


03 Jan Poor weather conditions and fencing

How poor weather conditions can effect your fencing

Although it may go unnoticed for a long period of time, rain can have a significant effect on your fencing. Even fences that are designed to stand strong through harsh weather conditions can struggle to cope with the excessive rain we often see in the UK weather.

The reason rain causes this damage is due to the mould, rotting and mildew that can form when rainfall sits on the wood. If this damage goes untreated, it can lead to an inevitable replacement of a fence, so how do we protect our wooden fences from this damage?

Post caps can be installed:

Timber post end grain are one of the areas that are affected the most with rainfall. rather than the rain creating equal damage, the top of the post absorbs the most amount of rain that leads to rot that ruins you’re fencing. Installing caps protected this replacement from happening as it prevents the rain from reaching the timber, and many even improve the aesthetics of your fence.

Pressure treated wooden fences:

Pressure treated wood forces special chemical treatments under a high pressure to get into the wooden grain. Once this has been completed it moves on to a high pressure vacuum stage. This treatment can go on to prevent your fence from being a victim of weatherising process that lead to decay. Giving your fence a longer lifetime and taking any worrying or concern you may have about needing a replacement.

Gravel boards can be installed:

After a heavy rainfall, wooden fencing that is installed on grass may become soaked from flooding. The long period of time that the water stays if there is a drainage problem in the soil can begin to eat away at your fence as rot begins to form. The installation of a gravel board however protects your fence from waterlogged grass. It can also create a stooge and secure base that can help the lifetime of your fencing also.

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