Looking after Timber Fencing


06 Jun Looking after Timber Fencing

Looking after your timber fencing

Whether you are looking to maintain your garden fencing or looking to install a brand new one, it is extremely important to ensure you’re correctly looking after your timber fencing to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Quality fencing posts

Timber gates and fencing can typically become damaged when they do not have quality fencing posts to support them. Poor quality posts can lead to your fencing leaning, and once this has begun, it means that high winds and storms are much more likely to cause more damage. Poor quality fencing posts often rot away at the ground level, which can lead to the fence falling completely, making replacements much more expensive.

When looking to install timber fence posts, try to ensure that:

  • They are treated regularly. Small maintenance can alter the lifespan of a fence post by years.
  • Install at least 2ft into the ground, this creates a stronger base keeping your fencing secure in all weather
  • Use high quality timber posts for longer lifespans

Use non rust materials

It’s not only important to think about the materials the fence is made from, but also the tools used to install it. Poor quality nails and screws can lead to rusting within the fence itself. Not only does this damage the look of the fence as the metal tools oxidise, the fence itself may begin to fall apart and weaken as time progresses.

Installing your fence

One of the most important factors that contribute to a good quality fence is its installation. If you are wanting to install your own fence, we advise asking help from a fence installer, or experienced family and friends that help guide you along the way. Of course after installation, regular maintenance is needed to keep the timber in the best condition possible.

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