Is it time to replace your old fencing?


07 Oct Is it time to replace your old fencing?

Replacing your old fencing by winter

Garden fencing is made strong for the long-lasting touch you desire, but as seasons change the material you chose may seem to have a mind of its own! Garden fencing maintenance is key for security, privacy and the aesthetics of your garden as well. The deterioration of your fencing may be difficult to spot at first, but usually happens around the cold winter months, here are some tips to spot if you might need a a replacement fence.

Fence Rotting

Perhaps not the best addition to your garden fence, rotting can take place as the seasons begin to change and is an immediate indication a replacement is needed. A rotting fence can spread in an infection around the unaffected areas if not treated as soon as possible so a quick retaliation with a new fence is advised to prevent this. Unfortunately there are no alternatives to a replacement in this situation, as once a fence has begun to rot treatments cannot aid the condition

Fence discolouration

Fence discolouration is when a fence loses its natural colour over time through a combinations of factors, this may include rusting, weathering, or old paintwork.  Treating the fencing for discolouration is an option in this case, unlike a rotting fence, however may not provide a long term solution you are looking for. The fence from this point may never return to its initial colour, and a replacement would be advised to restore the aesthetics you desire for your garden.

Fence holes or missing panels

A fence, alongside adding finishing touches to your garden is there for your security of your space. Protecting your garden from unwanted guests and animals and keeping everything inside from leaving. A fence that has holes, or missing panels in severe cases reduces this security and control you have over your garden and may become a concern especially for those with pets or children. A missing area of your fence could be fixed using a small replacement supply of the wood you fence is constructed with, be aware for smaller holes, cracks or any damage to the fence however. This may be in indication a new fence is due an installation rather than just the area damaged.

Fencing storm damage

Storms are no fun for anyone, your fence included! Strong winds and rain can be challenging conditions for your fence to remain in a good condition. Over time constant storms will mean your fence needs a replacement. In particularly damaging storms where fences are completely blown over and destroyed they should also be replaced as soon as possible.

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