Garden Fencing Types


04 Nov Garden Fencing Types

Types of garden fencing

After working so hard to create your dream garden, it can be difficult to decide which fencing to use. With so many options, it can be a struggle to know which one will work best for you. Of course with all fencing, the security, aesthetics and privacy is something that must be looked into. In this blog we will take a look at the many options and how well they perform to help you pick your next garden fence.

Close board fencing

This type of fencing is constructed with overlapping panels. These panels are then held together with rails. For those that prefer a simple style this can be ideal. Although a very traditional style, this type of fencing can be modernised with how you choose to decorate. Painting the fence shades of grey provides the touch of modernity your garden is looking for.

Larchlap fencing

This type of fencing involves placing horizontal slats close together with slightly overlapping elements that are held together by vertical rail posts. This option is often on the cheaper side yet by no means less secure. It can be ideal for homes with pets as there is no gaps that they can slide between and also prove rather difficult to climb!

Decorative panels

Some of us are focusing more on how our fencing looks rather than practicality, which is 100% okay! Beautiful gardens sometimes require decorative panels to keep them looking elegant and classy. You may fin this kind of fencing referred to as semi-solid fence panels. They often lie horizontally with small gaps between the slats. although these gaps provide the artistic aesthetic, this may be less ideal for keeping pets in and keeping pests out.

Picket fencing

This type of fencing also comes in with quite a traditional approach. The picket pales are attached to the railing with gaps left in between. Fencing like this helps to allow sunlight in to your garden through the gaps, however once again may be easier for pets to make an escape.

Woven fences

This type of fencing can be ideal for any garden. It is one of the most versatile as it can be installed in any shape or height to match exactly what you are looking for. This fence involves using poles that are upright and weaving the strips across the poles until there are small gaps between each individual one. This type fo fencing is the weakest out of the options however can be a nice touch to any garden.

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