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12 Mar Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden fencing ideas to transform your outdoor area

Often homeowners think of garden fencing as just a boundary to define their borders. However, it also has the ability to form an attractive part of your outdoor landscaping.

In this article, we look at a few of the different options available to property owners.


Timber-Fencing-North-EastTimber Fencing Panels

Many homeowners have timber fencing panels in their garden area. These are a popular solution and a quick way of transforming your landscaping. These are not permanent like a stone or brick wall, therefore you can get a little more creative in the knowledge that altering it in the future will not be a major issue. In addition, they can also be used to creatively divide areas off within your garden, for example, a play area for your children or perhaps an area your dog cannot enter.





Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a popular type, especially for front gardens. The picket fence is of an open construction and low height, perfect for defining a border area. Therefore these can suit a wide range of properties and styles, from new builds to old country cottages.




Trellis-north-eastTrellis and Lattice

Trellis and lattice, are ideal for decorative use, they are perfect for climbing plants. In situations where the fencing does not add as much privacy, these can be attached to the existing timber fence to help provide a little extra height.

Furthermore, a trellis and lattice fence can add style and elegance to your garden with beautiful climbing plants in a range of different colours.





Pergolas can be used in many different ways. Many are used as a dividing screen, separating different areas of outdoor space. In addition, pergolas can be used to create shaded walkways or for housing a seating area. Many homeowners grow climbing plants around the pergola to give that country garden effect.


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