Garden Fencing Ideas


28 Jul Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden Fencing Ideas

Finding the right style of fencing can be a difficult choice to make. Making sure it matches your garden aesthetics whilst staying practical is something that can prove to be a struggle. However there are a few options for you to explore to find the perfect fencing for you.

Picket fencing

If your priority with your fencing is for visual appeal, picket fencing is ideal for you. It still provides a traditional look with garden protection. This type of fencing suits almost every property and garden and can be painted to meet any colour needs you desire. If maintenance is not your thing, this fence may be ideal for you as despite how versatile it can be, after installation it requires small care.

Panelled fencing

Fencing for you may be more about security and privacy in your home. Panelled fencing can be ideal ensure you feel happy with this. Varying in height you can opt for how private you would like your garden to be. Due to the panels touching, it can provide areas of shade that can be ideal in hot summer months, or for pets.

Close board fencing

This is the option for ultimate privacy, making it an option that is used in residential areas frequently. They are extremely resistant towards weathering and strong for any physical pressure placed upon them. They are extremely durable and can be ideal for those with pets who like to try and escape!

Composite fencing

Composite fencing is fencing that can last up to 25 years, and therefore is seeing an unsurprising increase in popularity. It is extremely weather and scratch resistant which keeps your fence in the best possible condition for the longest time. It’s found that this type of fencing is very good in commercial areas where ball sports may take place, or in homes with energetic pets.
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