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04 Mar Garden Fence Ideas

Garden Fence Ideas for your outdoor area

As summer approaches, we know that the excitement of garden parties, barbecues and sunbathing is just around the corner. On the more negative side, it can also mean that you’re beginning to dread the makeover your garden needs after the cold winter months. So what exactly makes a good garden fence?

A typically ‘good’ garden fence adds your own personal structure and aesthetic to your garden. It can make your garden transform into something that is unique to your home, making you spend as much time outside as the summer months allow. If you’re struggling for ideas, or perhaps just need a starting point, we have plenty of advice to begin your garden fence transformation.

Art use

Using art in the garden is one of the most bold ways to include your personality into the space. The use of garden paint is a great place to start, bold colours especially if you’re looking for a stand out appearance . If you’re particularly creative, designs and patterns can also work well alongside any garden decorative you may have.

Brighter the better for your garden

Garden lights are popular, and there’s a good reason why. Adding outdoor lighting along your fence is the perfect addition, all year round. Not only does it look great when you’re sitting in your garden on a warm summer’s night, it can also be in place for safety when you’re walking around clearing the garden as night falls.

Fence shelves

Shelves are an excellent addition to a garden fence, not only can it add extra structure and support, it allows more decorations to be included and more chance to personalise the garden exactly the way that you want. It can be especially handy in the summer months for those that enjoy having places to put drinks and food without them being spilled or ruined.

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