Protecting your garden fence during winter


24 Dec Protecting your garden fence during winter

Protecting your garden fence during winter

As Christmas approaches and the weather begins to get colder, our garden fencing begins to suffer. So how do you get your fence through his tough time of year?

Start with an inspection

Walking the entire length of your fence is a good place to start to look for areas of weakness. If you spot any rot or decay it is an immediate sign of replacement, especially if it is at the base. Make these inspections regular so you are familiar with what looks normal and what does not.

Remove excess debris

In winter there is often an increase in storms and general bad weather. The high wind speeds see a huge amount of leaves falling and causing dampness. Clearing away this level of debris prevents rotting and preserves the fences lifespan. Gravel boards can be helpful in preventing this from happening, therefore if your fence is due a replacement it may be ideal to install alongside.

How do you prevent fence rotting?

  • Ensure that the timber is pressure treated and has the correct wood preservative cover to expand its lifespan.
  • Use tamped down gravel in the holes around your fencing area which allows water to drain at a faster rate from the posts and into the soil to avoid dampness.
  • Have wooden fence post tops at an angle strain shall runoff easier, and also avoid absorption into the post.
  • Mend and replace panels that have rot or mould beginning to develop on them.
  • Apply exterior wood paint coats (however ensure fence is complete dry before doing so)
  • Use satin preservative annually or whenever the fence needs a top up
  • Avoid the use of freshly cut wood. This already has a build up of moisture that will encourage the rotting process to speed up.
  • Clear leaves and overgrown plants that are leaning on the fence. When the vegetation begins to rot, it can spread through the fence.

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