Is your fencing ready for the winter


01 Oct Is your fencing ready for the winter

Is your fencing ready for the winter weather?

As the seasons change temperatures begin to drop rapidly and maintaining your fencing for your garden may become that little bit more difficult. In order to detect any changes the weather may have on your fence and how to combat this we have a few tips for you!


Is there any damage to your fencing?

In order to check for fencing damage do a full walk from the start to the end of your fencing area. Signs of damage that you should looking for are things such as a decaying section of wood or rotting wood. if these are found there is no need to panic. Small sections of fencing that is damaged does not necessarily mean that the ehe fence must go. Small sections where rot and decay doesn’t appear to be spreading can be replaced and your fence can be back to looking brand new. However if you feel as though a large majority of your fence would not survive the winter months an overdue replacement may be overdue.

How do I reduce fencing damage in winter?

There are some easy steps that can be too to reduce the amount of damage that is done to your fencing.
* Make you fence waterproof. A waterproof fence reduces any damage that excessive rain or snow causes in autumn and winter, this coating of oil should be maintained and reapplied perhaps every few years or whenever it is felt necessary and also in extreme weather conditions.
* Remove any debris from the fence. Debris can cause a build up of moisture along the fence as evaporation becomes stopped with the reduction of sunlight. Debris can include garden items leaning on a fence or even just leaves falling from trees built up along the bottom of the fence.
* Ensure there is no danger of damage near the fence. This can include unstable trees above it, branch here should be cut off to prevent them falling and causing any damage to the fence that could have been avoided. Also take into account things that may be blown into a fence such as garden accessories such as chairs or a trampoline, ensuring these are secure gives essential chance of them hitting and damaging your garden fencing.

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