Fencing & Bridge Work At New Woodland Walk


09 Mar Fencing & Bridge Work At New Woodland Walk

Fencing & bridge project at Congburns Nursery Chester le Street



We have recently completed stage 1 of a fencing and bridge project at Congburn Nursery Chester le Street for their new woodland walk.

The walk will be covering around 45 acres of woodland, walks include snowdrop walks and daffodil walks. The area is being created as a natural habitat a fully managed nature reserve rather than gardens. There are 24 wollemi pine trees in the woodland, thee are one of the world’s oldest and rarest plants dating back to the time of the dinosaurs, originating from Australia.

On-site also is a classroom which is being created for forest schools. A new larger coffee shop and gift shop have also been added to the site for visitors.

Charleton fencing have erected the fencing and created beautiful bridges within the woodland as seen on the photographs. Alan Herbert from Congburn Nursery said ” we looked around at different building and fencing firms within the area and their work. We were really impressed with some of the work we saw which Charleton fencing had previously carried out. This was the reason we knew they were the company for us. We are really impressed with the fencing work and the beautiful bridges they have created and would highly recommend them”.

You can find out more about our fencing work on the dedicated page 

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