Choosing a fence for pets or livestock


13 Sep Choosing a fence for pets or livestock

Things to consider when choosing a fence for pets or livestock

Choosing the right type of fencing for livestock or pets requires careful consideration.

Fencing for gardens with pets


With pets, security and safety can often be a great concern these days. Careful consideration should be especially taken if you have a large dog. You should consider very carefully the height of the fence, the last thing you want is your dog to get over the top. If you live near busy roads or within a pubic area, the fence should be high enough to prevent your dog from getting out. If your dog got out it could cause a collision with traffic, be a danger to others or even be stolen.

The main purpose of your fence should be to provide extra security for your home and garden, ensuring you have the right type of fencing is essential.

In recent years, we have seen dogs being a target for theft especially with pedigrees in certain areas. You want your pet to be able to play in a secure environment, whilst reducing the risk of them being stolen.

If your property has a dog for security purposes, you need to be aware that accidents can happen. You need to ensure that the panelling is secure and provides a suitable barrier. The last thing you want is someone putting their hand through the fence to pat the dog and getting bit.

Dogs that tend to dig

If you have a dog that tends to chew or dig a lot, tough wire meshes may be a good option for you. Chicken wire can provide a barrier by being placed underground, to try and prevent them from digging under your new fence.

Furthermore, our team is here to help, we will carry out a free site visit and estimate to advise on the right type of fencing to suit your requirements.

Agricultural fencing


When it comes to Agricultural fencing, the important factor is to get the right product to suit your livestock. This is where our expertise can come in, based on a Farm near Chester-le-street, we understand the Agricultural world and its needs and requirements.  Whether you are looking for solutions for your farm and livestock or your riding centre. We will do a free site visit and advise you on the right products to suit your requirements.


Types of Agricultural Fencing we install

  • Equestrian Riding Arenas
  • Post & Rail Fences Standard, Morticed, Nailed & Heavy
  • Electric Fencing
  • Cyclone Deer & Stock Fencing
  • Galvanized Stock Fencing
  • Hinge Joint Stock Fences
  • Fencing Stakes
  • Timber Fence Posts
  • Wire Netting

Finally, if you would like an estimate for fencing for your pet or livestock, please call us on 0191 371 0511 

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