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15 May Farm Fencing

Choosing the right farm fencing

Picking the right Fram fencing can be a difficult choice, and it is vitally important in keeping your farm safe from any trespassing that could take place. There are many companies and styles of fencing that can be advised to keep security levels high in your farm, which is why there are a few points to consider before making a decision.

What type of farm do you have?

Depending on your type of farm, different fencing is recommended. If there are no animals, fencing such as rail and post or PVC agri fencing is ideal. However if your farm does contain animals, more secure measures such as a silver hotter agri fence or a metal solar fence keeps your animals as safe as possible.

How big is the farm?

There are no rules that only one type of fencing can be used across a whole farm. If you have sections that are harvest only, this can vary from sections that contain animals. However do keep in mind that the fencing that surrounds animals does tend to work better in preventing vandalism and trespassing.

Do you know the types of farm fencing?

Farm fencing is something that can provide a lot of choice. The main options for your fencing includes:

  • MS powder coated solar fencing
  • Metal solar fence guard
  • PVC agri fencing
  • Rectangular agri fencing
  • Rail and post fencing

Trust in Charlton fencing

There are many companies that supply farm fencing and we state with confidence we deliver the best quality products possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure what type of fencing your farm is needing. No matter if you wish to install fencing to protect your animals, crops or simply for security, there is a solution here for you.

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