Which is the best fencing for my garden?


07 Aug Which is the best fencing for my garden?

Which type of fencing is the best for my garden?

Fencing for a garden provides its benefits of privacy and security of your living space, however can also really improve the aesthetics of your garden. We’re going to be discussing the benefits and disadvantages of the main types of fencing and find the most suitable one for you.

The wooden fence – the natural, classic choice.

Wooden garden fencing is hugely popular across the UK. Consider wood if you are desiring a natural finish to your garden, and aspiring for a traditional look. Alongside the fact that some houses may require a wooden fence, there are many benefits to them. Wooden fences can be painted to fit the aesthetics of a garden (however make sure the paint is wood friendly before beginning). The variety of styles allow the desired finished to be achieved, from thick to thin cut pieces, in variations of length and width allow them to be easy to work with to your advantage. However, wood is a material that may be effected by extreme weather conditions, effecting its lifespan and strength,  consideration should be took into regular weather patterns to determine of this is the choice for you.

Vinyl fencing – modern approach to today’s fencing

Vinyl garden fencing is a modern look to the wooden fencing, appearing to look the same from a distance, the material becomes more child friendly by preventing pesky splinters wood provides. Unlike wood, this type of fencing shall never require maintenance through painter glossing, coming in the colour you desire and remaining the same throughout its lifetime. Be aware that weather changes can create a brittle and more fragile fencing in fluctuating conditions, as well as algae and mod formations that will take great effort to be removed once created

Aluminium fencing – affordable, lightweight and strong choice.

Aluminium is a fencing is becoming increasingly more popular for commercial settings rather than housing, yet still can be used in order to install temporary security and place some privacy around the garden. Its lightweight material allows it to be easily transported making it ideal for mobility and temporary usage. However for a more fixed and permanent use, it may be cemented to the floor in order to increase stability. It is a material that can be completely recyclable making it not only a good choice for you, but also for the environment! Take into account aluminium fencing is easily bent so maintenance of the shape will be needed for prevention.

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