16 Jul Painting Your Fence

The benefits of painting your fence Painting your fence can be something very beneficial to not only the way your garden looks, but to the fence life itself. Here are some tips and advantages of why it may be a good investment to paint your fence. Fencing...

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Durapost- legal-limits-fencing

13 Jun Fencing Legal Limits

Legal limits for fencing Although a seemingly simple task, setting up garden fencing may or may not need planning permission. Whether this is the case or not depends on certain factors, you will need planning if; Your fence is over 1 metre and will be next...

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18 Feb Poor weather conditions and fencing

How poor weather conditions can effect your fencing Although it may go unnoticed for a long period of time, rain can have a significant effect on your fencing. Even fences that are designed to stand strong through harsh weather conditions can struggle to cope with the...

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29 Oct Is your fencing ready for the winter

Is your fencing ready for the winter weather? As the seasons change temperatures begin to drop rapidly and maintaining your fencing for your garden may become that little bit more difficult. In order to detect any changes the weather may have on your fence and how...

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07 Sep Why is agricultural fencing important?

Agricultural Fencing Agricultural Fencing is fencing used to keep farm animals, livestock or even extravagant pets within a permitted area. Fencing livestock is one of the most important things to consider within the livestock business, it is a huge source of protection from threats on the...

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09 Jun Huge Stocks Of Timber

Huge stocks of timber supplies now available. We now have huge supplies of timber and accessories now in stock. Our team are supplying and delivering a large selection of gates, fencing and accessories throughout the region. Alternatively you can arrange to collect the timber from our premises...

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11 May Raised Beds North East

Raised beds in the North East Here at Charleton fencing we can supply and deliver raised beds for vegetables or plants as well as fencing, gates and accessories. Raised Beds/Planters with legs or without Raised without floor 1.2 metres x 2.4 metres x 450mm height 8ft x 4ft x 18...

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