Raised Beds For Sale With Or Without Legs

16 Mar Raised Beds For Sale With Or Without Legs

What are the benefits of a raised bed?

One of the many benefits of having a raised bed is that it has a better draining. The raised structure allows the soil to drain quickly preventing full saturation that can lead to rotting conditions where crops may not survive.

There is also a higher vegetable yield. With a raised bed you shall find that there can be up to two times the amount of vegetable yield. The better soil conditions allow vegetables to grow closer together, doubling your outcome in the same amount of space!

There is a better soil quality. High quality garden soil can be added to the raised bed, in combination with organic matter and less soil compaction (as the bed shall never be stepped on) there shall be more oxygen intake and water that will help grow the best crops at the highest quality.

More sun exposure. due to their raised nature, we often find that they have access to daylight at more hours of the day. This of course did dependent to where they are placed in the garden, but by finding the ideal spot in combination with the raised beds, ideal growth conditions are created.

Less pests! Pests are something that no gardener enjoys seeing ruining their work. A raised bed makes it much easier to install fencing that can prevent animals from reaching up. Whilst also making it easier to sport small insects that may be harmful to the crops.

Easier management and usage. The bed can be raised up to two feet from the ground, for the that have back complications, reducing the bending that comes with gardening is a dream come true! Not only this but as the soil is placed at a hight, it makes stepping in it much easier to avoid. With less compression comes less maintenance, easing the process for you.

How do I prepare a site for a raised bed installation?

All the benefits are amazing, however you may be finding it difficult to start to install. Preparing for the installation os a much easier process than what you may think and only consist of a few steps. Ideally a level is some equipment that can be used, however it is not essential and levelling of the plot can be done by the eye in most cases.
1. The first step is to place the frame where you would like the bed to be installed. You know your own garden best! Place the bed in an area that has sunlight access and is convenient for you. Then trace around this frame using whatever is best suited for you.
2. Move the frame to a new spot to make this stage easier. Then dig the grass out of the area that you have marked. It isn’t essential to dig down a huge amount, just to the point to remove any roots and grass that was in the area.
3. Place the frame back into the area placed initially. This is where you must adjust the frame until it is level and secured. This can easily be done using a hand shovel and even they help of another person for a second opinion on if it is level.
4. Your site is now ready to be used!

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