Tree Removal Services in the North East

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10 Apr Tree Removal Services in the North East

Charleton Chips Tree Removal Services

Charleton chips tree removal servicesremove trees throughout the North East region. All the trees we remove are taken away and recycled helping put something back to the environment.


Our team can also remove hedges and timber products within the North East. We can come to either your business premises or home to remove your trees or collect your tree waste for recycling.

Once we have removed your trees or hedges our tracked chipper processes all the tree waste into wood chips to sell on to the public for the production of Biomass

Recycling of tree waste

If you have removed your own trees and would like them recycled.  Why not bring along the tree waste to our premises just outside of Chester le Street and we will recycle them for you for a small charge?

For more information on our Tree Removal Services in the North East.

Please give Charleton Chips tree removal services a call on 0191 371 0511 and help put something back into the environment.  You can also find out more information on our Charleton chips website. 

Fencing, gates & much more at Charleton Fencing.

Charleton chips are part of Charleton fencing group, our services include:

  • Timber, Agricultural, Security & Sports Ground Fencing
  • Fences, Gates
  • Timber, Agricultural & Security Gates
  • Decking Services
  • Pergolas, Trellis Work, Flower & Vegetable Beds

We work with both the public and commercial businesses throughout the North East. If your project involves the removal of fencing and trees our team can take care of the whole project for you. Simply give us a call.

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