Preparing your fence for winter


10 Sep Preparing your fence for winter

Preparing your fence for the winter weather

Preparing your fencing for winter is a job that can be rather time consuming and quite expensive if left too late! As we approach autumn, now is the best time to take action. There are a few steps to take to see if your fence may need some top up work before winter emerges and it starts with a visual check.

Visual check

As it says in the name, this stage involves nothing more than observation. Simply walk the length of the fencing and check for any signs of damage, decay or rot. Perhaps you only see it in some areas, or it on a small patch that has not yet spread.

Remove any debris

A huge problem that begins in the autumn is debris from trees that begin to build up at the fence base. The leaves begin to trap moisture and cause decomposition at a much faster rate than usual. as winter hits snow can have the same effect, we advise from pushing snow next to fencing for this reason. Gravel boards are a great addition when installing a fence to help avoid this.

Keep low branches away

Fencing can be overlooked by trees, and in the summer months this tends to be okay. However as wind speed picks up and seasons change it is more likely that branches will fall onto the facing and cause damage. Removing any low branching or unstable parts that may fall can increase your fences lifespan.

Timber treatments

Perhaps the least favourite but most essential part of fence maintenance is treatment to keep the timber in the best possible condition. different treatments are available for your fencing, seeking advice on which one to go for if you are unsure is always a good option.

Maintain the posts

One of the biggest reasons why fences fail and collapse lies at the base of the post. Each time the wind blows strain is placed onto this area, this is why it is so essential that they are fitted correctly and any rot is dealt with immediately. This area can be strengthened with treatment each year which is why it is so heavily encouraged.

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