Maintaining your fence


09 Jul Maintaining your fence

How to maintain and paint your fence

Most of us have wooden fencing in our gardens, however when was the last time we painted them? Or even maintained the condition since installments? Many of us forget the importance of fence care and can reduce the lifespan of our garden fences significantly. 

What damages my fence?

Your fencing can be damaged through many things, of course there are the obvious pets, children and heavy storms, but even things such as the sun’s UV rays can be as damaging as a freezing winter. Your fence takes damage at all times of year which is why it is so important that maintenance occurs annually to keep it in peak condition all year round. If your fence is in a location where more damage could occur, for example in direct sunlight, facing strong winds or damper conditions, you may benefit from more regular maintenance.

Panel damage

When inspecting the fence, make sure you’re looking for any damaged panels first. Small marks and damage spots can be fixed with maintenance, anything that looks like rot, splitting or larger holes needs to be immediately replaced to prevent weak spots in the fencing that eventually leads to much bigger problems.

How do I stain my fence?

If you’re looking to make your fencing look new, staining is a great place to start.

– Ensure you are choosing a stain that has UV protection within and is designed to be resilient to weathering.

– Dry and clean wood is an essential base to staining timber.

– Sand the wood before application.

– Follow the grain, don’t apply against it!

– Work at a fast rate, don’t give yourself breaks mid panel or post as it can affect the application.

– Although it may feel like a perfect day to paint the fence, sunny days where the fencing is in direct sunlight is not ideal for maintenance. It means the paint will dry too fast, which can prevent it from soaking in the way intended.

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